When it comes to a lasting visual impression nothing has quite the same breathtaking impact as lasers and 3D mapping, this is another area of our expertise.  Always pushing the boundaries and coming up with exciting solutions, our laser and creative team never fail to impress. The Pangolin driven RGB lasers are again high end and continue to delight our clients.  Safety is always paramount to the installation and use of all laser equipment.

3D Mapping

3D mapping is an exciting projection technique that transforms buildings and structures into a moving whirl of colour and excitement. This is another specialist area and we work closely with clients to realise their own individual vision and often exceed it.  We also supply footage or design bespoke content to the client’s exact needs.


We are working on breathtaking water and lighting techniques!

  • Crowd safe laser usage
  • Superior laser scanning and animation
  • Mesmerising 3D projection mapping
  • Laser and 3D shows in total harmony with lighting, fireworks or other special effects.